Thursday, 5 September 2013

Painting number 4, 30 Day Challenge! Rose Hip

A rather shrivelled up rosehip, collected in Norfolk last week (see it looking a bit healthier towards  the end of this post). I did a few rosehips over the last few days so I'm posting them too. Still want to do a less ripe one with some green on it. The first one I painted gave me the idea for this challenge!
Looking worse for wear now, a rather squat little dishevelled little rose hip! I painted this the other way up, as it should be on the plant but it looks wrong so I turned it upside down! A little red caterpillar crawled out of it followed by a little yellow one...bellies full of rosehip I think 


First attempt, this one has a bit more green at the top.
Second attempt.  Slightly lighter version.  Close up of the one below, showing the colours and brush work in more detail 

This is the shrivelled up one  when it was young and pretending to be a tomato!

Colours for the first rosehip:
First wash Aureolin, leaving highlights clear,  drop in scarlet lake while it's still wet to create basic form.
Build up a couple more washes of the same.
Add permanent carmine and use dry brush technique to shade areas. This 'models' the surface.
Add Indath blue or neutral tint to the perm carmine and continue to dry brush
I also used cerulean blue around the highlights plus a tiny bit of cobalt violet for reflected light
Raw umber and neutral tint for the blemishes/spots
Green: cobalt plus transparent yellow adding a small amount of burnt umber on browner areas
Burnt umber plus neutral tint for anthers etc and for darker spots over the green . Chinese white for light hairs.
Stalk: Aureolin, scarlet lake ( dilute mix) green mix on lower edge and a small amount of raw umber and neutral tint on shade side.  

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