Monday, 23 September 2013

No. 20, 30 Day Challenge, British Plum

Three quarters of the way through the Challenge! .... and it's back to the fruit. So here's one of my favourites, a very ripe plum.
  I  don't think I've ever painted one of these plums before and overworked it a bit.

Colours: First wash, Aureolin and Scarlet Lake, leaving the main highlights clear.
Second wash a more 'red' mix adding Permanent Carmine.
Add some detail with  spots and a third wash of  Transparent Yellow and Permanent Carmine, followed by some dry brush with Permanent Carmine and Neutral Tint.
A little Cobalt Violet was used on the reflected light.
Finally, to add the bloom, I used Chinese White and Cerulean Blue.  

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