Sunday, 8 September 2013

Day 7, 30 Day Challenge. Hydrangea skeleton

I made it to a whole week!  Following yesterday's shell I wanted to revert to something a little less labour intensive. Chose this hydrangea flower skeleton which was part of a whole flower-head found blowing around like tumbleweed in my back yard about month or so ago.
It's a very small effort, about 30 minutes worth today, which is a bit of relief compared to yeterdays slog. Very easy to paint, just paint in the main veins then the lateral veins and broken transparent tissue fragment beween .....might add a couple more flowers to it later if I feel enthusiastic.
Oh and I've noticed after only a week that my painting is speeding up......lets see if continues and also when I hit the wall with this challenge. 

    Colours: Raw and burnt umber for the tissue with some French ultramarine in the mix for the cooler areas, sepia and burnt umber for the veins....lazy palette today. Never normally use sepia but it works ok for dark decaying material like this.


  1. Ah, the time is whizzing by, time to collect a new batch of closed fircones, conkers, chestnuts ... seeds, feathers, skeleton leaves...Time for a new scavenger hunt to set us up for rainy days.

  2. It's amazing how the practice speeds one up isn't it?! This is such a great idea Dianne and I am so pleased that a lot of people have jumped on board to join in with you. I love the shell - reminds me of a Rembrant.

  3. Ooh thank you Jess!:) Yes I seem to be speeding up at a rate of knots now! It's so good to have a bit of achievable discipline.....if that makes any sense at all? I was done and dusted with todays leaf very early today. Can't believe how popular this is amongst our friends....great stuff and lovely to see all the different work.