Tuesday, 10 September 2013

No. 9, 30 Day Challenge, Two Leaves from the Park

More decaying leaves from my local park today. I found them peeking through the leaf litter, so bright in colour I thought they were plastic or paper packaging from a distance! They are very small in size being less than 5cm in length. So thought I'd stretch myself a bit by painting two!

Colours: First wash is a graded wash of naples yellow and permanent rose for the 'pink' areas, leaving the highlights clear. I just realised that permanent rose must be my most used colour!
Raw Umber and Trans Yellow on the lighter brown areas mixed with a small amount of cobalt to cool it down.
A little Manganese Blue Hue on the hightlights.
Build up in layers of Permanent Rose picking out the edge of the prominent veins.
Add some Indanthrene Blue to the Perm Rose for thee more puple hues then add neutral tint mix to this for the darkest areas. Finish off using some dry brush to accentuate the veins, leaf edges and blemishes and model the surface using the same colours to create more form. Finally added a bit of Burnt Sienna to lift some of the browns.....and that's it! ...until tomorrow.


  1. Thank you so much for the detailed descriptions of your work. This is so inspiring to a beginner.

  2. I like these leaves. I haven't found any that have turned an interesting colour yet. I like this simple kind of composition too.