Saturday, 28 September 2013

No. 25, 30 Day Challenge, Portugal Laurel Berries

Not long to go now!! not sure how I'm going to finish this challenge because I'm travelling to Amsterdam on Tuesday....but I'm sure I'll find something on route and when I get there!

Today I chose the very pretty Portugal Laurel, Prunus lusitanica, such a lovely variation in colour in these berries so I couldn't resist! Started it this morning but had other things to do so finished tonight. These days I find natural light so much better to work in than artificial light....but no choice and the nights are drawing in fast now too, so it's back to the lamp!

Portugal Laurel, from Longton Park, Sept 2013 
Colours:  For the red berries: Quinacridone Red and Permanent Carmine.
For the green/ yellow berries/ Red. First a wash of Green Gold, followed by a blended wash of Aureolin and Manganese Blue Hue mixed to make green and blended into a mix of Quinacridone Red.
Once the basic washes were down I started to add dry brush on the reds a mix of Permanent carmine and Indanthene Blue. In the areas where the red was warmer I used Perylene Maroon. To brighten areas I added a light wash of the Quin red and Aureolin.
Stem. The same green mix was used as for the berries. Permanet Carmine was added to the red stem areas and the small details. For the remaining old filaments and anthers I used Burnt Sienna and Sepia.    

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