Saturday, 14 September 2013

No. 12, 30 Day Challenge, More Rose Hips

Bit of a rush a short post and quick painting.  From the collection I found yesteday here's another rose hip, not sure what this one is. I like the long hanging stem as a composition and it seems to be a feature of the plant so kept this rather than breaking it nearer to the fruit.

Finished piece.
Close up, to show variation in colour

Colours: Fruit: First wash, Transparent yellow + Quinacridone red to give and orange base, leaving the hoghlights clear, followed by a wash of Scarlet lake applied in the more vibrant red areas. I use Manganese Blue Hue around the highlights and cobalt violet on the areas of reflected light. Build up the darket reds adding Permanant Alizarin Crimson and mixed with a very small amount of Indanthrene Blue in the darlest areas. Quite a bit of layering in washes to get the different shades of oranges and reds followed by some dry brush work to  finish off.
Stem: French Ultramarine Green Shade plus Transparent Yellow. I use more blue in the mix on the right hand side and more yellow on the left  I add some blemishes to the fruit using the green mix plus some Burnt Sienna. Raw Umber and Burnt Sienna was used for the dead anthes and Sepia to paint the negative space between them and for fine line work.

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