Sunday, 15 September 2013

Painting no. 13 of the 30 day Challenge, Dried Rhododendron Flower

Not sure about this one, it's a rhododendron flower from a bud that I painted earlier this year. I kept it and it dried out in the cupboard along with all the other dried up bits of plants that seem to accumulate. It has pretty much maintained the colour, albeit lower in saturation. Was short of time again todays so it fitted the purpose and made an interesting subject by way of a change.
Dried rhododendron flower.
The original Rhododendron painting, unfinished.

Colours: Dead Flower Permanent Rose and Ultramarine Green Shade, built up in layers of light washes, with varing degrees of bias towards either red or blue. These flowers are almost 'two- tone' in colour depending on how the light hits them, so I think that this appearance can only be achieved with this layering method and by using transparent colours. I also used some Cobalt Violet in areas and Manganese Blue Hue for the highlights. For the darker shades and detail  I added  neutral tint. For the dead areas I used burnt umber.  Also Burnt Umber plus some Permanent Rose for the reproductive parts.

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