Wednesday, 4 September 2013

30 Day Challenge. Day 2, More Maple Seeds

My second effort for the 30 day challenge. Yes it's another maple seed!....well more than one this time. Found in Longton, Staffs, on Mon 2nd Sept,  during one of those mundane trips to the Docs.... when you stare at the pavement instead of looking where you are going! Watercolour, size 10.5 x 8.5 cm.
I liked the colour in this, so moved it up the list of subjects to prioritise before the green colour turns to brown.
For anybody interested the colours used are:

First tea wash, leaving clear the highlights  = raw umber + trans yellow
Lightly pick out the veins using = burnt umber + burnt sienna
Build up the colour using a graded wash of green ( trans yellow and cobalt blue) plus raw umber and gold ochre
Add stem ( burnt umber  + neutral tint)
Continue to build up layers, picking out veins and detail with the stem colour)
Add tiny bit of permanent rose where their are some pink edges.
Wash of trans yellow over the top to pull it together.

I suppose I could have mixed these browns but I'm lazy and this is a 30 day challenge....will be happy just to get through it! trying to work to a 90 min max time for all pieces. Some will take more and some less.   


  1. Your samaras are very lovely--I'd never guess that they were done in a hurry! Thanks for sharing your palette for each painting.

  2. I thought I missed one. Great little painting!!
    Maybe I'll have time during my vacation to produce something bit more detailed - so far it's just sketches for me :)

  3. Beautiful work!There's a lovely energy to these shorter pieces Dianne - I'd never guess you did it in 90 minutes either. It would take me ages!! Thanks so much for the project, I'm feeling inspired to draw again. :)