Thursday, 26 September 2013

No. 23, 30 day Challenge, Conkers

A painting challenge at this time of year just wouldn't be complete without a conker! Love collecting conkers but I'm sure that they're smaller than they used to be when I was a child....or maybe it's because I'm bigger! Anyway here is my conker offering for the 30 day Challenge.....just one more week to go!
Conkers, Sept 2013

The Horse Chestnut leaf is one of my favourites to paint, they're amazing colours as they age! A slight aside but here are a couple of leaves painted over the last few of years.

Horse Chestnut leaf on vellum 2011
Horse Chestnut leaf 2012
Colours: Conker. Outer casing. A wash of Cinereous Blue ( Sennelier)  and Transparent Yellow with a very small amount of Permanent Alizarin Crimson to take the edge of the bright green. Highlights were left clear. A small amount of Cerulean Blue on the highlights. Build up in layers adding a wash of Green Gold. For the dark markings I used various combinations of Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber and adding Indanthrene Blue for the darkest marks.
Conker, Burnt Sienna and Perylene Maroon applied in washes, leaving the highlights clear. Dry brush was used to build up the depth of colour and texture and a small amount of  Neutral Tint was added for the darkest shades. I also used Cerulean Blue around the highlight and Cobalt Violet for reflected light. I used Ultraviolet for the shadows.  

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