Friday, 27 September 2013

No. 24, 30 day Challenge, Maple Leaf

Rushed attempt today, not happy with this.... but here it is! There are actually 2 leaves drawn on the page but it's been one of those days! A fairly short post blog post tonight too.
These leaves are a bit tricky because they have no shine at all, that makes for a bit of a flat painting. I suppose I suppose I could have wet the leaf to create a shine but I'm afraid I started started off with little thought today.

Colours: First wash, Naples Yellow all over. Pink colour wash applied selectively on top of the yellow, using Permanent Rose. Try not to form lines at either side of each vein because this results in 'tram lines'  - unnatural looking relief veins.
Continue to build up the pink. Add darker detail, picking out veins, blemishes and leaf margin, using a mix of French Ultramrine and Burnt Sienna. A light wash of Aureolin was added to brighten the yellow. To get he dark leaf margin wet around the edge of the leaf and drop the colour on so that it blends rather than forming an outline. I would have normally continued with dry brush work at this point but had to leave it at this point.

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