Friday, 23 April 2010

Fruit Study, SBA Assignment 6

It's a Pineapple for assignment 6

Fruit Study Composition 2

Again I didn't really do a composition here, just a straight forward pineapple! I think I forgot what I was suposed to be doing and got carried away with the detail. I was also very short of time on this one. Anyway it was an enjoyable assignment all the same.

Having said that I don't think things need to be complicated just for the sake of it....I think a floating subject makse a good composition and the space is as important as the subject ( my justification) but seriously I dont want to add stuff for the sake of it.
I've painted a few pineapples and they always sell, so felt a bit like taking the easy option here by doing something that I was already familiar with but if time is short that seems like a sensible idea to me.

Many people say that  pinapples follow a Fibonacci sequence but I challenge anybody to go prove that. It's a very broad generalisation of  the growth pattern that results two spirals, one clockwise and one counterclockwise. The pinapple rarely adds up to fit the Fibonacchi sequence, it's a myth. However sunflowers and pinecones genarally do. This type of pattern is basically the most energy efficient growth pattern, it's a matter of energy economics or conservation. That's why these types of patterns occur's  not magic nor mystery. People try to make things fit the sequence but they seldom actually test the theory by counting!

Tutor comments
 For this one lovely Billy Showell was the tutor : she was very kind with the comments and gave me an excellent mark. She suggested a wash on the leaves to deepen a little, she liked the level of  detail and colour.

I painted this one a few years ago and sold it at the SBA exhibition I think in 2004. I think it's better becaus eits more colourful, The one for the assignment was past it's best and very dark


  1. Beautiful. After painting a pineapple for a Diploma Course in S.A. I can really appreciate your consistent to detail!