Friday, 23 April 2010

The Essay, SBA Assignment 7, Arthur Harry Church

The Essay Assignment 7
I wrote my essay on Arthur Harry Church, simply because he completed some beautiful work on the reproductive mechanisms of flowers with such skillful dissection too - something that interests me. I studied Floral Morphology in relation to reproductive success at the University of Aberdeen, so this suited my interests. It's an easy assignment compared to painting!  Here's my thesis and also the Church's ok I don't expect you to read the thesis but I figure it's ok to post the essay now its dine and dusted. margaret Steven's is my tutor again for this one.

 I illustrated my thesis work  after Church with large dissections of my study palnts.

If you want to find out more about Church see David Mabberley's book The Anatomy of Flowers. I think the book is fairly hard to get hold of now but there is more and more information about Church's work coming to light and he has finally received the recognition he deserves through this publication.


  1. Botany isn’t easy. Is it? You do too many things yet carry all along so perfectly. Bravo. Hope to see more botanic artwork from you sometime soon.

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