Friday, 23 April 2010

Botanical Illustration, SBA Assignment 9

Study pages for the Botanical Illustration, Fritillaria meleagris....then I changed my mind

Botanical Illustration Assignment 9

It's now over half way through the course and this is the assignment that I've most been looking forward to. Have been working on a couple of subjects, both native species, which is where my heart is, can't decide which one to use but think I'll go with Fritillaria meleagris - it's not too complicated and is one of my favourite flowers. The other option is the pasque flower, another favourite.
Lots of sketch book work and measurements are required for a true botanical illustration, showing all parts and a dissection. I use a magnifying glass for the reproductive parts. Here is a page from my sketch book with some of the preliminary work. My sketch book seems a bit messy and my handwriting and colour notes always look a bit rough - but I guess that's just the way I work. I recently purchased Mary Ann Scott's Botanical Sketchbook, which shows her work throughout the SBA diploma course - it's fabulous and puts mine to shame! Her book is reviewed on the 'Making a Mark' blog

Here's the update....I changed my mind and went with the Pulsatilla vulgaris below

Guess what?....I've painted it before. I think the older version was better, it's on vellum.

This assignment id worth more than the others,  15 marks, so it's an important one.

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  1. Wow, even your sketch studies are lovely! I love the balance you have in this and other works between full, rich color and delicate line work. Very glad you have this blog up as it's fun to check back in from time to time and see what you've done next.