Saturday, 12 May 2012

SBA Membership and RHS Malvern Paintings

It's been a busy few weeks! Exhibited at the Society of Botanical Artist annual exhibition at Westminster Halls 20-29th April. It was a succesful exhibition and sales were up considerably this year, so great news for the Society. Also collected my very large SBA membership diploma certificate at Westminster Halls on 2nd May - see the shocked expression at the thought of having to carry it around London for the day! fortunately they agreed to post it and I had a great afternoon indulging in the Lucian Freud Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery and at the National Gallery, where I took  the opportunity to scrutinise the select number of Dutch botanicals by Jan van Huysum and Rachel Ruysch. Also great to Titian's Flight into Egypt.
I'm currently exhibiting the leaf paintings at the Malvern Gardening Show as part of the RHS botanical Art display until Sunday 13th May, photos to follow. Was awarded an RHS silver medal for the leaves. Feels like I've been away for months! Next up: BISCOT, Botanical Images Scotia at the Gardening Scotland Show and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh at the beginning of June...phew!

Collecting my SBA membership in London at the AGM. I think I already posted this .....but I'm still excited about it!
Below the 6 leaf paintings exhited at Malvern RHS, 2012 All on vellum. Awarded silver, not a strong enough theme apparently....oh well try again

Decaying lime 1

decaying lime 2


Red maple
Horse chestnut


  1. Brilliant! And you look so gorgeous but that Diploma is HUGE! And so it should be, it's a huge achievement ... well done Dianne and thank you for being such a wonderful and generous mentor to me. xxx

  2. Well done Dianne on your getting your Diploma certificate and for your RHS award - it's been a good week for you! You'll have to put your feet up for a bit and have a cuppa when you get home, ready for some more spectacular painting. Many congratulations again, I am soooo pleased for you.

  3. Brava Diana!!!! Congratulation!!!!

  4. That's great news Dianne. What a confidence boost it must be to be doing so well. x

  5. It all sounds fabulous - Congratulations Dianne!!