Monday, 16 April 2012

Twelve months on from the SBA Diploma, Full Membership!

Since graduating in spring 2011 from the Society of Botanical Artists Diploma course,  I've not   really managed to get back into the swing of painting as well as I would have liked to, probably due to all the other distractions and disruptions in life and a bit of burn out!
However I did somehow manage to continue to produce work, most of which has been on vellum.  In February for this years SBA show at Westminster, 'Botanical Celebration'  I submitted another 5 and was fortunate enough to have all 5 paintings accepted for the third year running.  I didn't take the fast track membership because I had already started down the path and this was quicker for me.The exhibition starts next week on the 20th April. On the 12th March ( my birthday)  I received a letter from SBA informing me that I had been elected a full member of the SBA, which was just the news I needed to give me a good kick and get painting again!  I travel to London on the 2nd May to pick up my membership certificate/ Diploma.  It's not unusual for artists to suffer from these frustrating periods of nothingness and they usually coincide with the low points in life but they always pass.  
One of the 5 paintings exhibited at the SBA Show, 2012, Primula vulgaris, on vellum, sold at the opening along with two other pieces on vellum. It was highly commended for the Joyce Cumming award.

Very large membership certificate! See the 'now where am I going to put this!' expression!

Over the last few weeks I think (hope) some progress is being made and I've managed to produce several new leaf paintings on vellum. These paintings will be exhibited May 10 -13th at the Malvern Gardening Show as part of the RHS botanical exhibition. 

Here's work in progress on a decaying lime leaf painted on vellum which I collected from the grounds of Duff House in Banffshire.
Decaying Lime Leaf on vellum or Malvern RHS show
Decaying Lime Leaf 2 on vellum for Malvern RHS show


  1. Congratulations Dianne!! You're quite right re. feeling burned out/uninspired at times. It's a comfort to know that it happens to all of us at some point and that it does pass. Your leaf study is beautiful. :)

  2. Lovely leaf studies Dianne! It's nice to hear that I am not alone with the creative slumps :) Sounds like you have had a hectic time of late but it is great news that you had all 5 pieces accepted. I am going to keep an eye open at the exhibition to see if I can see them. Congratulations! I also hope that Malvern goes well for you.

  3. Really good to hear that you are getting back into the swing of things, especially as you are now a fully fledged SBA member. Really beautiful leaf studies Dianne. I did get to see your work when I went to the course 8 seminar, no wonder all 5 were accepted, they are beautiful works.