Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Week one - 30/30 Leaf Study Challenge.

Here's a selection of leaves painted for the first week of the 30 day leaf challenge. There's no doubt that some leaves are definitely easier to paint than others! I found it difficult to paint them in such a short amount of time too and only allowed about 1- 2 hrs each but some have taken a little longer. I'd normally spend longer than this on my work but it's good practice to set a time limit.Not sure I'll manage 30 paintings or drawings in 30 days but we'll see!
Bit of a cheat because I completed the first two, including this Oak from Duff House before October.
Another one completed before the start but thought I'd incliude it all the same. It's from a Herb Robert plant that arrived in the garden without invitation and gets everywhere! but it's lovely ground cover and gives this fantatic colour.  

Hydrangea leaf from my mother. The large hydrangea grows by the front door of my paerents house. Collected Sept 11
Norway maple collected from Trentham Estate, Staffordshire,  Sept 11
Copper beech collected from Duff House grounds in Banff  2010. I worked there for a couple of years until Jan 11 during which time I collected and painted many leaves.
Oxalis, I found this growing in the compost heap at the Cruickshank Botanic Garden at Aberdeen University during my studentship as a gardener in 2005.
Beech, collected from Trentham Estate, Staffordshire, September 2011


  1. Besutiful leaves, love all the colours and textures - I think the favourite is the hydrangea because I know how difficult it is (all leaves are difficult!!) Love to see them thanks Dianne!

  2. Fabulous leaves ,I've still only done 2!!

  3. I still am in love the the Norway Maple. I think that all these little leaves framed, with all their collection data, would make a really nice exhibition.

  4. A beautiful collection Dianne - the Hydrangea and the Norway Maple are wonderful.

  5. Your leaves make a delightful series. Your idea of collecting leaves from areas that have meaning for you makes them all the more interesting and meaningful.

  6. Brava Diana: all really well done and beatiful colour. I fill the same luck of enought time to quickly to do, but I really do enjoy the all experiment. ciao

  7. Simply fascinated by your gallery.

  8. Simply fascinated by your gallery.