Friday, 28 October 2011

30/30 Leaf Challenge, week 2

I'm a bit behind with posting the leaf challenge images but will try to catch up. Here are the leaves from week two.
Red oak from Trentham Estate Sept 2011, graphite

Mahonia, from my garden. A gift a gardener  friend at the Cruickshank Botanic Garden, Aberdeen. Watercolour.
Wych Elm, from Aden Country Park Aberdeenshire October 2011, watercolour. Collected by my husband from outside the North East Folklore Archive
Oak  leaf from Trentham Gardens, Staffordshire, Sept 2011, Graphite.

Rhododendron leaf from Aden Country Park, Aberdeenshire,  October 2011. Collected by my husband from outside the North East Folklore Archive. Watercolour

A worse for wear Lime leaf, not sure what type. Collected from Aden Country Park, Aberdeenshire, October 2011.  


  1. Really beautiful leaves Dianne, great realism. You have a wonderful leaf library!

  2. Dianne, noticed several leaf specimens were from Aberdeen. My youngest daughter and I visited there 2 yrs ago, we toured the University of Aberdeen. She wanted to attend there and was accepted as a student but unfortunately for now our funding was cut short with the bad economy in the US. I too have wanted to complete the Distance Learning program from SBA. For now I am going back to a local university to complete my art degree that I began 34 yrs ago. Then on to the Botanical art diploma. Love your work. It is inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Laurie Grawl

  3. Lovely leaf studies here, Diane! Your work is beautiful.

  4. Your leaves are just amazing :)x

  5. Just found your great blog. Such a wonderful aray of Autumn colours and textures. I love the Mahonia leaf, especially as I have one in the garden.