Friday, 24 February 2012

More flowers

It's about time I uploaded some of the flowers, so here we go with a Iris reticulata hybrid, I think it's  'Katharine Hodgkin'Also have lots of the regular dark blue I. reticulata in the garden too, which I painted it for my SBA Diploma portfolio this time last year. It's good to paint it again and this one has to be my favourite iris.


  1. Beautiful Diane! Nice to see a different cultivar and with it all named. I bet you have a lovely garden.

    By the way, have you noticed on the your post for the 29th June 2011 that there's loads of white space afterwards, like a gap, as if the return bar was touched for too long by accident? Maybe it's just my computer, but there is a massive gap in the posts on your blog until the one before the 29th June (going back in time)... Just thought I'd let you know.

    1. Thanks Jess, I'm afraid I don't have a very lovely garden it's all overgrown and untidy, which is OK with me and the birds, I've let the columbine and foxgloves seed everywhere but last year I neglected it more than usual because of the very aggressive nesting seagulls! but it has lots of interesting plants and looks nice in the summer.
      I did know about the annoying gap thanks and have been unable to sort it - I was a bit perplexed and gave up so I'm glad you reminded me. Think I've sorted it by resorting to the HTML editor - somehow a strange invisible table had crept into the post. Thanks :)

  2. The Iris is among my favourite flowers. Such lovely markings and a gorgeous colour. We have some in our garden but goodness knows which they are. Well done for being able to name yours.