Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Assignment 12 Mixed Flowers

There was nothing decent left in the garden when I finally got round to assignment 12, so had to resort to cut flowers for this one. This assignment was pretty challenging, and, like assignment 11, it isn't something I'd normally do. The protea didn't have any leaves, which was a real shame and the red rose was a tough subject.  Such tight petals and a rich colour. Also the maximum size of approx A3 is a bit small for something like this, it really doesn't allow much scope and ends up a bit cramped in terms of white space but I think I got there in the end with the arrangement.  There's another mixed floral for the diploma portfolio so I'm hoping to have a bit more choice of subject.  I've just about finished the other two portfolio pieces - the vegetable or fruit study and the botanical  illustration and will post when the final piece is finished....less than one month to go now, so nearly made it!
I've been seriously neglecting the blog and need to get back on track! Sorry the picture isn't great - seems anything white or red is difficult to photograph - I'll try again later.

Mixed floral, this is an updated photo, the original wasn't good. Margaret Stevens went of the purchase this one from me for a presentaion to someone...no idea who.

I tried to work with movement, balance ( colour balance too) and used the rule of odds and rule of thirds to create an arrangement. I took lots of photographs and made sketches but actually drew all the component part separately and arranged using tracing paper.  I didn't learn those things from the course though they were things I'd picked up over the years and put into practice for this assignment.

On to the Diploma bu


  1. Amazing work Dianne... wonderful arrangement and composition! I like how the colours of the roses and lily are combined in the protea. Love your style!

  2. dianne sutherland15 February 2011 at 13:46

    Thanks Sonja, I'm not used to doing arrangements like this. I tried to get a circular movement into it using the lily leaves. Not sure whether it worked or not- its quite tricky arranging so much in a tight space without becoming overly cluttered. Dianne

  3. I love the composition too! The lilies really tie everything together, and the color echoes are beautiful! Using the lily leaves to direct the eye is very subtle yet effective.

  4. I just found this blog - love your pictures! I am just starting the SBA course now (working on Assignment 2 at the moment). It is great to see your progress through the course. Looking forward to see the portfolio pics. Alena

  5. Hi Dianne - I just stumbled across your blog whilst searching for ideas for my SBA assignments. I am doing course 7 and just starting to think about the mixed study for ass 12 and then the diploma work. I am very inspired by your work Dianne and would love to hear how completing the SBA course has benefited you in a future career as a botanical artist. Jacqui - Australia