Sunday, 29 March 2009

Some new images, between SBA assignments

Artichoke, I grew this in my garden and dried it, such a great why didn't I think of that before!
Now that I've vcompleted the first SBA graphite assignment I have found the time to explore the medium more. I love graphite....can't believe I never really used it before. These are a few of the pieces.
Lichens on a branch. I love lichens and there are lots in Scotland- this branch from Aden Country Park in Banffshire

A good old pineapple, a botanical favourite, Have painted a few but never drawn one
Here are a few more works completed after the initial pencil assignments. I think (hope) that I have managed to create a bit more tone and shape in these works compared with some of my first attempts. There's definitely a need to be bold with pencil to achieve tone....go dark!

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