Friday, 23 September 2011

Botanical miniatures - jewellery

I've been painting a few botanical miniatures for my daughter's online jewellery shop, pollypoppit. Great fun and so intricate, reminds me of my days painting tiny floral china patterns for Royal Albert! The paintings range from 13 x 18mm up to 30 x 40 mm. I painted them on HP watercolour paper which is then mounted behind a magnifying clear glass cabochon. The first few have now been mounted in sterling silver or natural brass surrounds.  I might try a vellum version because it picks up the detail so well. Here's a few pictures of work in progress and  a couple of finished items.
A selection of the miniature paintings

First attempt - Parrot tulip in brass 25mm round

Tulip mounted in sterling silver 18 x 25mm

Iris mounted in sterling silver 18 x25 mm
work in progress, meconopsis  30 x 40mm in sterling silver
Fritillaria meleagris ( Snakeshead lily) in natural brass surround 18 x 25mm