Saturday, 2 May 2009

SBA Assigment 2, Monochrome Drawing, Fritillaria pallidiflora

Could have done with a bit more variation between flower and leaf. The flowers are considerably lighter than the leaves, th eclue is in the name pallidiflora ( means pale flowers!)

A couple more pencil drawings, this time using only continuous tone for Assignment 2, Monochrome. Next up colour work.
Fritillaria pallidiflora. These seem to grow well in the garden, the bulbs came from the Cruickshank Botanic Garden at the University of Aberdeen - I was lucky enough to work for there a few months in 2005.

Fnal piece. I was quite happy withthe shapes etc but needed to push a bit further with tone

Fritillaria species are some of my favourites - they're generally pretty easy to grow and I hope to paint more in the near future .
F. pallidiflora is a native species of the mountains of central Asia, E. Siberia and N. W. China, IUCN category vulnerable.

So I need to go darker, this tonal work is new to me, but I can see the point, Julie Small said: Could be a bit deeper, yes totally agree! She said the detail was good though. Funny how you don't see things when you're working on them! So will stand back and take a good look next time....and be brave.! I've done a few other pieces since and think I've got it now!  

We also did a cylinder and a sphere ro practice using tone to create form

Still hoping to find some other students out there....